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Elina Filice is a Canadian singer/songwriter/rapper known for songs that defy genre and interactive live performances. Her music is soulful and melodic while being influenced by blues and spoken word. She has released an EP and several singles. She is currently releasing a series of live videos of her original music as well as the singles leading up to her upcoming second EP, "Flight Risk."


Elina combines influences of soul, blues, hip-hop, pop, and spoken work to create a truly unique sound. Her songs are full of catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics, and her sound has been described as Neo-Beach Soul-Pop, with Corona Sunrise Road Trip Vibes. 

She has released one EP and several singles, and is releasing singles leading up to her upcoming second EP, "Flight Risk." 

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Elina is known for strong and interactive live performances. She preforms regularly on her own, as well as with her band, The Kicks. She has played all around Dublin in venues such Whelan's, Workman's, The Wiley Fox, The Sound House, Drop Dead Twice, as well as a gig in Belfast. She's also played support slots for MOXIE the Plastic Cowboys, Lisa Gory, and Jade Renee, among others.

Elina's Story

Hailing from a very musical family, Elina started playing music and singing at a young age. She has been playing guitar and writing songs since her early teens, and started studying guitar in jazz band, which has influenced her songwriting. 

Born to global nomad educators, she spent her formative years in Singapore before moving to Canada to attend McMaster University (B.A. English and Political Science).

Her first collection of music, entitled "The Empty Nest Playlist," was the result of the long distance musical relationship between her and her dad when she went to University, where she continued to gig and write extensively. 


In September 2017 she moved to Dublin to pursue music more seriously, and completed a Diploma in Songwriting at BIMM Dublin. She quickly integrated into the thriving Dublin music scene, and decided it was the right place for her to keep developing as an artist. She is currently at BIMM pursing a Diploma in Music Business. 

During her time in Dublin, she has released an EP and three singles, gigged extensively, worked on numerous collaborations with other artists, worked with companies such as Wavefarm Productions (recording studio) and Fluttertone (events & promotions), recorded in Camden Studios and Windmill Lane, and hosted countless successful gigs. 


In Spring 2019 she founded Red Vine Music, combining her passions of writing, photography, and creative marketing to found a coaching and consulting service that helps artists and creative businesses with digital marketing, social media, content strategies, PR, and growth. 

Elina has always believed that her music should be a part of something bigger, and she is a strong advocate for queer rights, protecting the environment, and the importance of arts and culture in society. 


Covert Music Club:

"Filice has began to develop a reputation on the Irish music scene for energetic and charismatic live shows, while alternating between performing solo and with her band The Kicks. She even found time to release an EP with her band back in 2018, the Summer EP!... Well, Elina Filice is back with a new single, her third release thus far, and it is another incredibly accomplished and interesting release...

 The song marks a change in style from the sound that was so prevalent on the "Summer EP", and is further testament to the versatility of the artist... Filice is currently still in BIMM studying music business and has also set up her own management label called Red Vine Records with the intention of giving up-and-coming artists a head start in the industry. Whether it be in music business or in music performance, it is clear that Elina Filice is going to continue to be a big name in Irish music into the future."

For the Love of Bands:

"Elina Filice is a singer-songwriter, wanderer and creator producing foot-tapping, genre-defying music, complete with Jamaroquai-esque funk undertones and listenable lounge rhythms. Her new single ‘Disappear’ is no exception... Elina’s understanding of different forms of musical expression shines throughout this track. There’s a distinctive blues/rock influence apparent in the subtle backing provided by her band The Kicks, which melds with the overarching Jazz/Funk direction of the track... Her melodic lyrics pair beautifully with the subtle, yet powerful guitar rhythms and stoic backing drums and bass... This single is a true reflection of Elina Filice’s love of combining musical styles and crossing boundaries: a form of music in diaspora. If she continues to develop her sound and producing inspiring music such as this, you can guarantee Elina won’t be 'disappearing' from people’s radars anytime soon.


"Elina Filice offers her audience a guitar-driven, pithy observation which contains a general truth that feels both deeply personal and universally resonant... The sound of an artist claiming her commitment, “Disappear” becomes a terrifically well-rounded piece of music, that does good in being so honest and so direct. Recorded by one of Elina’s main collaborators, her Dad, there are no more lines to color within, and the song’s candid, unpredictable songwriting is all the more refreshing for it."

Owen Daniel at Sezhoosays:

“Singer and songwriter Elina Filice returns with dynamically charged single, “Disappear”... The lyrics push a message of sin and repentance. It almost has the feel of a Taylor Swift song but with a funky blue vibe to it. Elina’s powerful vocals are really the highlight of the song. With such power and control, it really captivates the listener. This blusey-funk number is sure to have the listener bopping along within the first few seconds.”

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