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Writer, photographer, musician, traveller, storyteller.


Elina Filice is a Canadian singer/songwriter, spoken word artist, and storyteller known for songs that defy genre and interactive live performances. Her music is soulful and melodic while being influenced by blues and spoken word. She released her anticipated sophomore EP in May2021, following a series of successful singles that were met with critical acclaim as well as official Spotify playlists. Elina is a strong advocate for queer rights, and regards music as a powerful tool for the queer community as a space for authentic queer storytelling, solidarity, and visibility.


Born to Canadian parents, Elina spent her formative years in Singapore, and moved to Canada to attend McMaster University (B.A. English and Political Science). In 2017 she moved to Dublin to pursue her passion for music more seriously, and completed a Diploma in Songwriting at BIMM Dublin. She also completed a diploma in Music Business from BIMM.

In the last few years, Elina has released two EPs, several singles and videos, gigged extensively, and worked on numerous collaborations with other artists. She has worked with companies such as Wavefarm Productions (recording studio), Fluttertone (events, promotions, PR), and MIH Records. 


In 2019 she founded Red Vine Records, a coaching and consulting service that works with artists and creative businesses on digital marketing, social media, content strategies, PR, and growth. 

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