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"Thinking of You" Music Video OUT NOW

           Singer-songwriter Elina Filice has released a new music video for her most successful single yet, “Thinking of You.” The video features several distinct locations in Toronto as well as vibrant colours, quick cuts, and creative camera work by Toronto-based filmmaker Phil Kim. The video is co-starred by Ally Cantalini. 

           The video follows Elina on an adventure from Kensington Market, to the Island Ferry, to Toronto Island, and then finally back home to the bedroom. She says, “The song discusses themes of movement, travel, and adventure, so I wanted to capture that by shooting different scenes across the city.”

She goes on to say, “The song is verbose, rambling, and nostalgic, with thoughts and memories swirling and haunting. I wanted to capture that with the scenes cutting forward and back in time. I want viewers to wonder if the scenes with Ally are happening in real time or if they’re memories and flashbacks, and the journey is really happening alone.”

           Elina says, “The video is pretty gay. It’s a little nerve-wracking to be this gay on camera, but... this is my life, this is my friends’ lives. Queer visibility is important, and as a creator, honest content like this is my way of fighting to normalize queerness and queer love. I think it’s important to recognize that feeling safe enough to be openly out, let alone shooting a music video like this, isn't possible for a lot of queer people around the world.”
           She goes on to say, “Queerness, especially between women, is usually blatantly oversexuallized, so I wanted the scenes between myself and Ally to be intimate and loving, and not at all sexual. There’s enough of that on the internet.” 

           “Thinking of You” has over 215k streams on Spotify, and enjoyed news coverage from dozens of outlets following its release including Earmilk, Hot Press, For The Love Of Bands, and The Last Mixed Tape. The song has spent over twelve weeks on Spotify Editorial Playlist, “Butter.”

With funky guitar licks, an infectious beat, and a stuck-in-your-head chorus, “Thinking of You” is a genre-defying track that melds pop and funk influences with modern hip-hop sounds, while still full of Elina’s signature thoughtful lyrics, catchy hooks, and strong storytelling. 

 New Live Video

Shed Sessions #4, Live & Acoustic of Original Song, "Dublin"

Elina Filice Returns With a Dynamic Dive Into a New Sound With “Thinking of You”

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         With funky guitar licks, an infectious beat, and a stuck-in-your-head chorus, Elina Filice returns with a memorable spoken word/hip-hop track that marks her dive into a new sound. "Thinking of You '' is a genre-defying track that melds pop and funk influences with modern hip-hop sounds, while still full of Elina’s signature thoughtful lyrics, catchy hooks, and strong storytelling. The track is the first single off of her upcoming second EP, and is an exciting insight into a new direction for the singer/songwriter.

         Elina says, “The song began as a spoken word piece. Then the chorus and beat came into my head, and I thought the pairing might just work.” Elina made the demo on her own, and then brought it to Kevin Brennan (Wavefarm Productions), where the pair fell down a deep production rabbit hole. She says, “Kevin understood my vision and helped the track come alive and reach its full potential.” 

        The song represents a new direction for her music, as well as the upcoming EP. She says, “I’ve never been able to commit to a genre. I take influences from my early days playing guitar in jazz band, a love for poetry and expression and also a dirty beat. No matter which direction things go in, The important thing to me is that it still sounds like me. Guitar-driven, melodic, with a real focus on the honesty and angst of the singer/songwriter in me. And all of my music is gonna carry themes of travel, adventure, movement and love.”

        She says, “Lyrically it’s very personal. Like yes duh it's about a breakup, but for me that's just a vessel that carries an ocean within it. As a hopeful romantic, love is the frame, the context in which I’ve had all these other experiences and learned so much about myself and about life. Our lives are built within these frameworks in which we experience everything else. 

        So really the song is about searching the world and then running into yourself, it's about regret, about being torn in half, it's about wondering if I’m learning from my mistakes. It’s looking at myself and being like, haven't I been here before, why am I here again? And how our lives just really run around in circles. It’s about learning that trying to live a creative life and follow your dreams often means sacrificing other comforts. I wrote the song in my first few months in Dublin. I had gone back to Canada for Christmas, so there were moments of wondering why I’d left at all, what it was that I was chasing, and the loneliness that I felt.”

Shed Sessions

The Shed Sessions are a series of live videos of my original music, to capture them live and acoustic.

This one is dedicated to people quarantining away from friends & family. It's also dedicated to my own family who I'm missing extra these days, as well as all my fellow TCKs out there!

My family lived in three different countries before I turned 18, and I've lived in three on my own since. Now, my brother and sister-in-law, myself, and my parents are living on three different continents. Though not having strong roots or a stable sense of 'home' has had its challenges over the years, both growing up and now in adulthood, I wouldn't trade the life or experiences we had. I am grateful and still in awe of my parents for taking a chance on a life they didn't even know possible, putting two kids on their backs and never looking back... all in the days before face time!

It has resulted, though, in finding that sense of home in more unusual places: The Third Culture, a pint of Guiness with an old friend, Laksa, Hockey Night, the back of Jasmine's van.

I released this song as single in October, and this song and I have been through a lot together. A long production process for it to see the light of day, and then a pretty thorough release process. Its still one of my favourite songs I've written and one of my faves to play live!

"West Coast" came together quickly musically and lyrically. I remember sitting on the floor of my room in my student house writing it. At the time I was living in Hamilton, Ontario. People in that part of North America tend to have romantic ideas about the West Coast, as a simpler way of life, a slower pace. This song is about dreaming about faraway places that don't exist and how we think we might feel when we get there.

It's haunted me in the sense that whenever I play a set, this song seems to stand out and connect with people. The challenge has been to write something better!


Acclaim for "Disappear"

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Covert Music Club:

"Filice has began to develop a reputation on the Irish music scene for energetic and charismatic live shows, while alternating between performing solo and with her band The Kicks. She even found time to release an EP with her band back in 2018, the Summer EP!... Well, Elina Filice is back with a new single, her third release thus far, and it is another incredibly accomplished and interesting release...

 The song marks a change in style from the sound that was so prevalent on the "Summer EP", and is further testament to the versatility of the artist... Filice is currently still in BIMM studying music business and has also set up her own management label called Red Vine Records with the intention of giving up-and-coming artists a head start in the industry. Whether it be in music business or in music performance, it is clear that Elina Filice is going to continue to be a big name in Irish music into the future."

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"Elina Filice offers her audience a guitar-driven, pithy observation which contains a general truth that feels both deeply personal and universally resonant... The sound of an artist claiming her commitment, “Disappear” becomes a terrifically well-rounded piece of music, that does good in being so honest and so direct. Recorded by one of Elina’s main collaborators, her Dad, there are no more lines to color within, and the song’s candid, unpredictable songwriting is all the more refreshing for it."

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For the Love of Bands:

"Elina Filice is a singer-songwriter, wanderer and creator producing foot-tapping, genre-defying music, complete with Jamaroquai-esque funk undertones and listenable lounge rhythms. Her new single ‘Disappear’ is no exception... Elina’s understanding of different forms of musical expression shines throughout this track. There’s a distinctive blues/rock influence apparent in the subtle backing provided by her band The Kicks, which melds with the overarching Jazz/Funk direction of the track... Her melodic lyrics pair beautifully with the subtle, yet powerful guitar rhythms and stoic backing drums and bass... This single is a true reflection of Elina Filice’s love of combining musical styles and crossing boundaries: a form of music in diaspora. If she continues to develop her sound and producing inspiring music such as this, you can guarantee Elina won’t be disappearing from people’s radars anytime soon.

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Owen Daniel at Sezhoosays:

“Singer and songwriter Elina Filice returns with dynamically charged single, “Disappear”... The lyrics push a message of sin and repentance. It almost has the feel of a Taylor Swift song but with a funky blue vibe to it. Elina’s powerful vocals are really the highlight of the song. With such power and control, it really captivates the listener. This blusey-funk number is sure to have the listener bopping along within the first few seconds.”

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Finbar Hoban:

"Elina Filice is definitely one to watch on the Irish music scene"

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Elina Filice Returns with Dark, Groovy Single, “Disappear” 

elina filice final art.jpg
credits page.png

          Released Oct 25 2020.

Singer/songwriter Elina Filice returns with dynamically charged single, “Disappear.” The song is her third single, and second release from her band, Elina + the Kicks. The instrumental was recorded by Elina’s main producer, her Dad, who came to Dublin for a visit and ended up recording an EP and a single with the band in Trebble Studios. The vocals were recorded in Windmill Lane.
          The driving beat and catchy main riff are the backbone of the audibly blues/rock influenced tune. A strong vocal performance joined by infectious melodies and memorable contrasts of highs and lows mimic the emotional rollercoaster of the issue the song discusses.
         Haunting backing vocals implore the listener to answer for their sins, the crimes to which most people can relate to on some level, either having someone disappear on them or being the one who tends to disappear.
The song departs slightly from the easy-listening summer vibe that could describe her EP and past releases. However, her sound is one that’s always been hard to put into a box. “I just want to keep pushing myself. I struggle when people ask what kind of music I make, because that’s a little like asking where I’m from! I’ve never been an artist who fits neatly into a genre, my “sound” will keep developing as long as I keep making music and listening. I was raised on the blues, started playing guitar in jazz band, but I love spoken word and hip-hop. Its all bound to shine through at some point”- Elina.
          Elina has been active in the Dublin scene for over two years. She can be found performing by herself, as well as with her band. Elina grew up in a very musical family, and has been writing and performing from a young age. Though born to Canadian parents, Elina’s family moved around growing up, and she spent her formative years in Singapore. After graduating from University in Canada, Elina moved to Dublin to pursue music more seriously, and completed a diploma in Songwriting at BIMM Dublin. She performs solo as well as with her band, The Kicks, and is known for captivating live performances and audience interaction. Elina is currently studying music business at BIMM, and has started a management label, Red Vine Records

House Song is Streaming Everywhere!

house1 (2).jpg
credit page house.jpg

HOUSE SONG is streaming everywhere! It was dedicated to the 1102 Crew as a Christmas present. They took in this little immigrant and gave her a family on the other side of the world. We were blessed to share a roof for four wonderful years. No song could ever capture the fun, the love, the good times, but I tried my best! Thanks to Megan Golbeck for the deadly photos. On a musical note, this was my first real venture into producing: this song was entirely written, preformed, and produced by myself! I hope you like it :)

My new (and first!) single West Coast

is Streaming Everywhere! 

west coast-4.jpg
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As someone who has moved around a lot, many of my songs have themes of travel, adventure, and longing. This song was inspired by an urge to hit the road, which was inspired by a breakup, which then inspired romanticizing far away places, and the way that we’ll feel if we ever get there. Like a lot of my music, this was a family affair. My Dad produced and tracked the song. My Uncle Mike (one of the best sax players in the country) completes the tune with playful melodies and killer riffs. This song has been a road trip in itself. My vocal was recorded in Niagara, the rest of the song was tracked and produced in Singapore, the sax part recorded in Toronto, and it is now being released in Dublin. I hope you enjoy my first single, West Coast!

Elina & The Kicks Debut Summer EP!

CDcaseback copy2.jpg

          In September 2017, Elina boarded a plane in YYZ with nothing but a dream and her guitar. She landed in Dublin, Ireland, where she didnt know a soul, but had a funny feeling she was on the right path. A few days later, she was starting her studies in Songwriting at BIMM Dublin, where she quickly met and banded with the Kicks, a collective of songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. The songs were written by Elina; the songs came to life through the Kicks.

          The fun, playful dynamic of the group shines through the music. These are songs you’re gonna want to blast through your waterproof portable speaker at that impromptu beach party, or blare as you’re driving home on a Friday. They will make you think about every single one of your exes while still sipping your margarita in the sunshine and having a good time. Catchy, sing-a-long-able, and melodically strong, while audibly jazz and blues influenced, they are the soundtrack to a summer day. So sunshiney you’ll even forget that the songs were conceived in the capital of the “land of eternal winter,” Ireland!

           The EP takes off with the rhythmically infectious tune “Stone Fortress.” Originally titled “Stone Cold Bitch,” Elina decided to go for a slightly more ambiguous title. Her emotional and sometimes dark lyrics are juxtaposed with catchy melodies and singable hooks. Elina takes it down a notch with “Believe,” a sweet, sunny tune featuring contagious horns and harmonies. The EP culminates with the bluesy and driving, “Funny Feeling.” Having moved around a lot growing up, Elina’s music and lyrics tend to portray a sense of longing and adventure, while highlighting different geographical locations and sensations. This song came into Elina’s head within her first few hours in Dublin. She remembers standing outside her hostel looking out at a busy street, sun peeking through the clouds, bikes and busses and horses going by and thinking, oh god, what did I just do! A Funny Feeling indeed!

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