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Elina Filice Releases Dark, Destructive Music Video

Singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Elina Filice is set to release a new music video for her innovative single “Dont Let Me Fall.”

In her signature genre-defying fashion, the song features an anthemic hook over an infectious beat, pulsating with manic, driving energy. The song is about entangled mental health, and the weight of loving someone in a depressive decline.

The video shows this mental decline through visual frenzy and fervor. The destruction evokes feelings of chaos, anxiety, and a distancing from reality. Hands tug and prod at Elina’s body, representing the relentless pull of the darkness and a loss of self.

Elina says, “We wanted to show a chaotic downward spiral of self-destruction and loss of control. Two people tangled in an inescapable bond, desperately begging someone to save you when they can barely save themselves.”

The video was filmed and edited by Kim Philms, at Lunar Studios Toronto.

Bio: Elina Filice is gaining attention for songs that defy genre and interactive live performances. Her music is soulful and melodic while being influenced by blues and spoken word. Nomadic by nature, Elina has entertained audiences across three continents. Her music has received critical press acclaim, worldwide radio play and official spotify editorial support. She is the founder of music marketing startup Drop Rocket, which empowers independent artists to take charge of their music releases through innovative management software. Elina is a strong advocate for queer visibility, and regards music as a powerful tool for the queer community.

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