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"Wedding Season" EP - Digital Download

"Wedding Season" EP - Digital Download




The new EP from singer/songwriter Elina Filice, "Wedding Season." Includes two tracks and EP cover & credit art. 


With intricate melodies, moving vocal performances, and strong production, she continues to prove her ability to convey emotion and tell ordinary stories with extraordinary glory. Her genre diversity shines through as these tracks take on a more acoustic quality than her recent work. Strong songwriting and authenticity remain the common thread between the eclectic nature of her music.


Wedding Season EP is a pair of songs written about the love stories of people close to her heart.


“Wedding Song” was written when covid cancelled her brother's wedding. The couple decided to take fate into their own hands and get married anyways, just the two of them, on the other side of the world. Elina sat on her side of the world and wrote this song.


“Winona Forever” was written after watching her cousin drive away from her home town of Winona, Ontario, Michigan-bound. It’s a love story about remembering where you came from as you get to where you’re going.


Elina says, "I preformed these songs at both post-covid weddings last summer. A lifelong cousin competition could only be culminated in back to back wedding weekends. Now the songs and the season will live forever on this EP. These tunes are extremely personal to me, I’m really proud of them and I’m excited to share them with you."


"Wedding Season" was preformed, recorded, and produced  by Elina and her Dad, Carmine, at his home studio in Singapore, with help from Ben Robertaccio. 

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